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Ariel-Chronographic Blue Diver Style Bezel Leather Grain StrapThe name Ariel means 'brave lion'. Leonard always approached life with bravery and courage. He never shied away from doing what was right even when it wasn't the trend.The Ariel proves that strength of character and honor are eternally in style.

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It didn't happen overnight. In fact, the story of Conqueror is one that depicts six decades of faith and perseverance . The company's humble beginnings dates back to 1955 when Bernard opened a watch business on forty seventh street, the famous Diamond District of New York City. There was no glitz and glamour during those years. The company was driven by Bernard's steely determination and desire to make an honest living and support his family. After twenty years, the company gained solid footing in the watch industry. That's when Bernard's only son, Leonard joined the growing business. Working alongside his father, Leonard witnessed firsthand his father's drive and commitment to deliver outstanding products to their consumers. He focused on servicing his loyal customer base with integrity and dependability. In his thirty five years in the business, Leonard remained dedicated to perpetuating the success of the company his father had sacrificed to create. Unfortunately, Leonard passed away only five short years after Bernard. The company was bereft of its ardent leader.

But only for a short while. The torch has since passed to the third generation. Leonard's sons began to divide and conquer. They picked up right where their father left off and quickly set goals to ensure that the business continue to thrive and succeed. They are committed to the same, timeless ideals that their grandfather lived by sixty years ago- dedication, passion and integrity. Three words. Three generations. This is Conqueror.



The company decided to give each Conqueror timepiece a name that would intimately link it to a specific character trait of its legendary forbearers Bernard and Leonard. They both spent their lives in pursuit of meaning and value and used their business acumen to assist countless individuals who were less fortunate. They left an indelible mark of integrity on their families as well as on all those who knew them. These watches tell their story.